Grifus WordPress theme movies, with a new design, very fresh and especially tidy, with innovative features never before seen in designs for movies and series websites, apart from being very pleasing to the eye is a theme equipped with very useful tools to the absolute control of Web.
Grifus, has a self-completer of content which will take care of 95% of the content, that will be enough to be able to show quality content with accurate and real data, but just as the theme has an endless number of options to ensure quality content.Now with Grifus you can manage content series and episodes.

– Importer of Episodes with 1 click (New)
– Clean and tidy design.
– Responsive design (hypersensitive to any screen resolution).
– Optimized design of fast load (previous configuration).
– Properly optimized for SEO.
– Microdatos (Google: Structured data, Movies, TVShows, Episodes).
– HTML5 Validated.
– CSS3 Validated.
– New Style Dark Style.
– Timeline for years.
– Flat Web Design.
– Custom Fields.
– Framework for total control.
– Post Ratings.
– Post Views.
– Self-complete with IMDb.
– Self-completed with TMDb.
– Taxonomic Filters.
– Modulo Releases.
– Multi-Player.
– Modulo Downloads.
– Comments (Facebook / Disqus / WordPress).
– Advertising Management.
– Front-end translation (English / Spanish).
– Translation Back-end (English / Spanish).
– Front-End Login Form (new).
– Register form front-end (new).
– Lost password front-end form (new).
– Edit profile front-end (new).
– Collaboration form (new).
– Report form for fallen links (new).
– ReCAPTCHA control for forms.
– Post Types News.
– Download box and view online with Advanced Custom Fields.
– Infinite Scroll.
– Slider box thumbnails responsive (high sensitivity).
– System to identify duplicate content.
– Series Module (New)
– Episode Module (New)

Grifus, is available in English and Spanish, both Front-end and Back-end. With its module of news we will be able to make of our website of films a good informative site with the last news in Films show advances and trailers of the next premieres, we could say that quietly this theme can manage an online magazine of films, thus offering an informative and entertaining experience very pleasant to the user who visits us, giving class and prestige to our web site.

MT-PLUSAPI: This is a powerful tool that will allow us to create content with only 2 clicks. This new application extracts data from 2 different sources at the same time, IMDb and TMDb, authoritative websites regarding movie information.

Each of these sources provide us with different advantages, IMDb gives us accurate data thanks to the huge audience that has, on the other hand TMDb gives us data in different languages ‚Äč‚Äčideal to be able to manage content, also allows us to index images of different sizes.

Then to conclude, what makes MT-PLUSAPI is to operate these two great advantages to make the most of our own Web.Grifus 3. + has 27 custom fields to ensure the absolute order of content, all these fields are managed by the new API.