Kingposter | Facebook multi Group / Page auto post – PHP script + (4 Modules)

Kingposter is a facebook auto poster tool developed to help you post your Text / links / Images / Videos on facebook groups and pages. Kingposter alows you to share your content and drive Facebook traffic to your website / blog / page.


  • Multi-User system
  • Multi-Language system
  • Multi-facebook accounts
  • No facebook app ID / Secret needed
  • Super Easy and simple installation
  • Super Easy user interface
  • Media library : Upload and Keeping all of your photos, videos for future use
  • Facebook post preview before posting in real
  • Ability to use personal facebook application
  • Ability to use multi facebook application in the same account
  • Each user can use his/her own Facebook application
  • Supports Facebook API latest version
  • Supports Scheduled & instant posts
  • Save post : saving Posts for future use
  • Random interval
  • Spintax for content randomization all post fields support Spintax
  • Auto pause scheduled post after a number of posts and auto resume after specified time
  • Auto repeat schedules : Auto repeat the schedule every day or every two days or even every month
  • Unique post adding a unique ID to the post status/message and to the link
  • And many more features


User — Feel free to create your own account :)

Modules Included:

  1. Facebook Auto join groups Module


  3. Facebook Auto comment Module

  4. Facebook Auto like Module

  5. Notifications

  6. FAQ