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ListingPro – End-2-End WordPress Directory Solution

ListingPro is the ONLY End-to-End WordPress Directory All-in-One Solution on the market. It’s the #1 Best-Selling Product-Market Fit in the Directory & Listing category on ThemeForest. The core value proposition for ListingPro is simple, No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Photos and videos on preview site are not included in the package.

 – Directory Of The Month (November)

Update Logs

13th Dec 2017 Version 1.2.8

> FIXED :  Features duplication on front and backend.
> FIXED :  Features not showing in categories column in backend.
> FIXED :  Features title not shown while submitting a listing.
> FIXED :  Form Fields duplication on front and backend
> FIXED :  On edit listing on backend, features not selected if they are assigned.
> FIXED :  Form fields data not updating from backend.
> FIXED :  Publish button hides when last listing of a purchased plan get submitted.
> FIXED :  If listing is expired and its plan changed if its free. It always remains expired and don't get publish.
> FIXED :  If all reviews of a listing are deleted and the listing is an ad, then "NAN" shows in detail page sidebar for Ads.
> FIXED :  Captcha fixed on submit and edit page of listing.
> FIXED :  On App view, check for "if user is logged in" on join now forms.
> FIXED :  Timing issue when time is 24 hours for a day and update listing  from front/backend.   
> Added :  Added "alt" attributes to location images on location element of VC
> UPDATED : Many typos and grammar fixed